Prokora Active started in 2019 with the goal of providing the highest quality activewear for a affordable cost. I started my fitness journey in 2013 while in the Military in hopes of loving what I saw in the mirror. That simple goal turned into a new goal of competing in NPC Men's Physique shows, and that goal turned into training others to help them reach their goals. I put in the work day in and day out to reach my goals. Through hard work and determination I started to achieve the goals I set for myself. If I can do it so can YOU!
After 7.5 years of Active Duty Air Force I decided it was time to separate and chase my dreams of a full time entrepreneur. I started my own personal training business helping women lose weight and build muscle. While training my clients I learned about all the trouble and issues you ladies have with active wear. From how expensive activewear is, to always having to pull up your leggings, all the way to leggings not being squat proof. Trust me I heard it all haha. Im truly passionate about helping others and after knowing the struggles you ladies go through with activewear I took it upon myself to solve these issues. Not to brag or anything lol but Prokora Active's activewear is damn near perfect 🤩 I busted my butt and had plenty of sleepless nights to ensure this. I believe in Prokora Active so much I invested everything I had to build this brand from the ground up.
I just hope that wearing Prokora Active empowers you and motivates you to put in work everyday to accomplish your goals and never stop chasing your dreams! We want to see everyone chasing their goals and dreams. Never quit, never give up, BUILD YOUR LEGACY!
We’re so thankful and grateful for every single follower, like, and purchase. Im truly humbled and love you all more than you know!